What precautions can an Indian man take to save himself from a false 498a et al after an arranged marriage?

Here are a few points I can offer - 

Before marriage:
1. Don't go for an immediate marriage. Plan the wedding dates at least after 6 months, so that you get a full chance of understanding the girl and the family. Make some or the other excuse and somehow avoid get married too soon.
2. Try to get the engagement and wedding done on consecutive days so that you don't have any early commitments which can be used against you?
3. Talk to the girl as much as you can before marriage. Try to get the girl speak more instead of you talking. Make her feel comfortable and show that you want to listen to her. Unknowingly, she will tell you everything about her and her family including any danger signs.
4. If she threatens you or fights with you often before marriage, then this is a clear sign of what will happen next. Don't be hesitant to call off the marriage if you think that you cannot handle it. If things are not working before, then how can they work afterwards?
5. Pay careful attention to all the questions the girl asks. Don't reveal any important information like your money, property etc. If she asks too many questions related to money, then this is a danger sign.
6. Finally try to find out if your conversations are being overheard or if the girl discusses all your conversations with her parents or relatives. That is another sign of danger.

After marriage:
1. If you get any threats, then get some recording devices, both audio/video and record each and everything.
2. Don't react out of temper. You will be provoked to abuse and then victimized. Try to understand that it a plot to frame you.
3. Consult some genuine lawyers. Many lawyers will try to rip you off, but after a few attempts, you will get some good ones. Prepare yourself for an immediate bail in case of an arrest.
4. Try to conceal your financial details as much as you can. Don't just blindly reveal everything, assuming she is your wife and won't harm you.