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The payment method for public transport in the Netherlands
The OV-chipkaart is the payment method for public transport in the Netherlands. If you carry an OV-chipkaart with you, you will no longer need to think about individual tickets. You load credit onto the card in Euro or add a travel product, such as a single journey, a monthly pass for commuting or a season ticket. Now you're ready to travel.

There are two kind of card you can get it and initial cost is 7.5 euro and later you can top up as much you want to depends on your usagae.

Why you should opt for the card - This is best way to decrease the fare of travel company you travelling with instance ticket. it may reduce the cost upto 50% of travel.

  • Personal OV-chipkaart - Know more
  • Anonymous OV-chipkaart

More info - is one of most useful website for traveller in Netherlands. It display the the bus/metro/tram/train route from one location to another location with the specific bus/metro/tram/train numbers and their timing. This is good tools for travel planning. this is a website of REISinformatiegroep BV with a route planner for public transport in the Netherlands. The site also provides information on the cost of the trip, but no specific links to information available elsewhere on a route as a transit map.

You can also install the app for mobile version.

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