RTI on dial 100 calls

How can file RTI on dial 100 call records?

    • GurukulGalaxy

      By GurukulGalaxy

      In Delhi NCR circle if you call a # 100 they give Operators name and send the PCR to complainants resuce and upon asking they give reference number of the call. It is not the duty as per Rules / Guidelines / Circulars of DP which follows PPR to mark each and every # 100 call as complaint and as a numbered call to give to caller.

      Well after making a # 100 call the records are kept only for a month with PCR Cell Record Department , Model Town, Delhi. One has to send an RTI to PHQ to get call details quoting in your RTI details of person who made the call, date of call, no. called from and time of call (if you remember then file) of that persons complaint and reply of your RTI contains call details including transcriptt (if asked in RTI they give) and a CD of the call details (if asked they give that too). Based on these one can file a private complaint before MM / ACMM Court and matter moves then.

      In my opinion if all # 100 calls are converted into FIR and / or complaint case then PS will become obselete and purpose of # 100 call is quick response on the spot and directing the complainant to nearest Jurisdiction PS and not that a complaint number to be given on making a # 100 call !

      BTW, other State Police may follow different routines over Delhi NCR as explained above which you need to check and understand the main purpose of # 100 cell .

      You may do an RTI to find Rules / Circulars / Guidelines / Acts / Sections to Police HQ of your District / State / City to find out yourself above :-)