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what is Short Validity Passport

what is Short Validity Passport?

    • GurukulGalaxy

      By GurukulGalaxy

      Short Validity passport (SVP) is issued in following cases:

      • In case of urgency, students can be issued a SVP on production of admission letters if they are to appear in examinations, such as TOEFL, SAT etc. Such applications can also be processed under the Tatkaal Scheme, if they are accompanied by verification certificate as prescribed, and proof of urgency is furnished to the Passport Office(PO).
      • There are instances of non-delivery of passports to the applicants due to loss in transit in the post offices. In case of urgency, a SVP may be issued to the applicant, the validity to be extended to full term on completion of the formalities.
      • Indians residing abroad and visiting India for a short period: SVP can be issued immediately, valid for one year, on production of return ticket to the country from which the applicant came and/or a document of identity such as driving license, Green Card, employment permit, social security card, health card, labour card etc. indicating the applicant's identity and nationality. If the application is for issue of duplicate passport in lieu of damaged passport, the damaged passport itself may be accepted as proof of identity provided the personal particulars are clear and legible.
      • If a criminal case is pending against the applicant in any Court, he/she can be issued a passport subject to the condition that a written permission granted by the court allowing the applicant to travel abroad is enclosed. Normally a SVP valid for one year is issued, subject to conditions if any, mentioned in the Court order as per GSR 570 (E) dated 25 August, 199