How to Handle a Violent Girlfriend or Wife

If your girlfriend or wife suffers from violent episodes, where they go into a rage and don't seem to be able to control their physical and verbal behavior, it is important to seek help quickly and to work through the issues with her before something destructive occurs for either or both of you.

Look for triggers and patterns to the violent behavior. It may be possible to avoid violent confrontations if you can find what causes them in the first place, and prevent it from happening.
Back off. If you see violent behavior coming on, stop doing anything that might escalate the situation. Don't retaliate.
Discuss the problem when she's not being violent. Explain that you are worried about her behavior. Tell her how her behavior affects you and anyone else who may witness or otherwise be hurt by it, such as children. Let her know that you are not willing to accept violent behavior from her.
Recognize that you may need to leave the relationship. If the violence continues, seek safety. Be willing to call the police for immediate help. It's not a sign of weakness to admit that your girlfriend or wife is abusing you. Look for a safe place to go, take anyone else with you (such as children) who might be victims of her violent behavior, and leave.
When all else fails, Get a Restraining Order/Order of Protection! If you are a man, this may be difficult, both emotionally and legally. You may feel like no one believes you and they may not, But don't be discouraged. Document the details of the abuse and take pictures of your injuries to better prove your case. Abuse is no joke even when it is a woman abusing a man. In the blink of an eye, abuse can easily become murder.