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  • Divorce, 498a and DV Issues in India

    Divorce, 498a and DV Issues in India

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      before getting 498a and DV cases on you

      Visit Join Register your Details Provide your details - important for Research READ 1. SIF-Book: How to Get Peace, when marriage is on rocks, available at https:/...

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        Valid Reason for filing Divorce by husband

        1. Sucide Attempts2. Wake up Late and not preparing breakfast.3. Not Respecting my mother.4. Do not wants to go to my Mother house.   Reference

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          Nullity of Marriage in India

          Marriage is necessarily the basis of social organization and the foundation of important legal rights and obligations. In Hindu Law, Marriage is treated as a Samaskara or a Sacrament. Divorce, however is a thorny question and Annulment is a very unusual remedy. In our modern world, an Annulment t...

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            JUDGEMENTS on Divorce, Alimony and 498a

            1.  MUMBAI HIGH COURT  :  Dated 4 Feb 2005 Maintenance not granted as it is proved that wife wants to reside separately.   2.  MUMBAI HIGH COURT  : Dated Apr 2008. Maintenance not granted as it is proved no reason to leave husbands.   3.  CHENNAI HIGH...

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              Wife distancing from hubby’s relatives grounds for divorce: HC

              NAGPUR: Granting relief to a Pune-based architect, the Nagpur bench of Bombay high court ruled that demanding separation from husband's relatives also amounts to cruelty and therefore, he is entitled for divorce."The evidence by the husband that wife was continuously pestering and demanding ...

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